Cricket Cage
Still to do:

Apply aspects to .jar files (instead of source code) when aspectj1.1 is out.

refactor type casting work in args and method return types in

Genericize the ant task--How?

Standardized system for adding the TestCase to a TestSuite? Or generate an ant target?

Start an AspectJ foundry?

Upgrade to Velocity 1.3.1 when it's ready.



Updated aspectj to 1.0.6.

Fixed ajdoc by removing tools.jar from ant's class path.

Switched to 1.3 final.

build.xmls now shares properties from files.

Added manifest information to toolkit.jar and cricketcage.jar.


Better license info for velocity and aspectj. done

Return LHS comments switched back on. done

Class casting: Integer ob9 = ob7.getInteger() and the like. done

Got ajdoc working (by hacking ant) done 

Create an aspect that traces the code as it crosses the boundary between the measured package and the JDigraph package. Done

Move up to AspectJ 1.0.4 when available. Done

Create a nice explanation of how to use Cricket Cage. Done

Recreate an aspect that traces code using cflowbelow. Done

Create an aspect that traces the code. Done.

Copy JDigraph project over and get it running. Done.

Clean and incorporate toolkit junit code. Done

Make this project toolkit's new home. Done

Start this project in local CVS. Done

Get JDigraph to compile via ajc. Done

Get emacs aspectj support up and running. Done

Instead of generating the trace, create source code. Done.

Generate import list. Done

Add exception handling for methods. Done

Add exception handling for constructors Done

Add static calls to the mix. Done

Add static variables (gets and sets) to the mix. Done

Track objects and create constructors where needed. Done

Test w/primitive types & w/associated objects for primitives. Done

Use Velocity to generate source code for the unit test. Done

Figure out how to specify the velocity template file in a named resource. Done

Build a whole JUnit TestCase. Done

Get the TestCase into a file. Done

Use some properties. Done

Decide what to do re: objects that aren't compiled under AspectJ. Done

Clean up packaging s/t downloads don't include all of JDigraph. Done

Start the project on sourceforge. Done

Check in the code to sourceforge's CVS. Done

Add link to index.html back to sourceforge summary page. Done

Use nested exceptions for fail(Throwable) in toolkit. Done

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